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Nutrition Scientist

Kathryn O'Sullivan
Food Facts, Not Fads

Millions of words are written and
broadcast on nutrition, diet and health
every year, often by unqualified,
self-proclaimed experts whose advice
is hard to swallow.

Meet Dr K

Nutrition Scientist Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan tells it like it is when it comes to communicating complex food science in a language that can be clearly understood.

With over twenty years’ experience of working in the food industry and academia Dr K has conducted vital
scientific research into a number of important nutrition, digestion and food legislation areas.
Her mission is to turn a spotlight on ‘food as fashion’, dispel the myths around spurious nutrition claims and to promote genuine health and wellbeing advice.

UK based Dr K gained a BSc in human nutrition and a PhD in clinical medicine from Trinity College, Dublin, in 1991 and is a recognised expert in the fields of food fortification, fibre and digestive health, childhood nutrition, global public health nutrition, breakfast, nutrition education and food legislation.

As an independent consultant nutrition scientist she has worked throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East, excelling both as a research scientist and as a respected authority and media commentator.

A qualified dietician, Dr K has undertaken extensive work on behalf of numerous food brands, in particular the development and substantiation of EFSA approved health claims and regulatory issues.

She has appeared on Watchdog, BBC Breakfast and is regularly quoted in national and international news publications.

Dr K is also a guest university lecturer and an external examiner for BSc and MSC courses.


What's eating Dr K?

Dr K is passionate about banishing ‘food guilt’ – in her view food is there to be enjoyed, while anxieties over what we eat is as harmful as not knowing what we are putting into our bodies.

Fads such as ‘Superfoods’, ‘Clean eating’ and ‘Detoxing’ are, in Dr K’s opinion, confected fallacies that contribute to food guilt and ultimately create more harm than good.

Over the course of her research Dr K has developed some key observations and conclusions regarding diet and wellbeing:

Thought For Food

dr-k-logo Dr Kathryn O'Sullivan, PhD, BSc, SRD
Nutrition Scientist

Kathryn O'Sullivan

Dr K is available for research commissions, development and substantiation of EFSA approved health food claims, media commentary and marketing communications work.
(Normal non-disclosure rules apply.)

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